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Crime Charge Attorney Lexington (Home of the Kentucky Wildcats)

Kentucky Criminal Defense Attorney: Counties actively covered in legal defense.

If arrested in Fayette County, Lexington, Ky., the best criminal lawyer can arrange for poor conditions fo someone is .a techinal show . for a crime then call our Lexington, KY Criminal Defense Attorney.  If arrested or cited in the counties and towns surrounding Lexington, the city seat being Lexington, call Tucker or Abe.  Towns within our daily cover include Lexington, Ky., Georgetown, Ky., Versailles, Ky., Richmond, Ky., Paris, Ky., Winchester, Ky., and Nicholasville, Ky. It doesn't matter if it is a DUI Crime, Drug Crime, Assault Charge, Firearm or Murder Crime, our Kentucky Criminal Attorney have handled it successfully.   The best EMS responders and best attorneys in Lexington practicing Criminal Law show up, organize and take control.  The Best Attorneys are readily available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We are the best lawyers for you and your situation.  

The Stop:  Reasonable Suspicion, Probable Cause and Jury Trial
Reasonable Suspicion is all a Lexington Police Officer needs to receive in order to get you started on a bunch of DUI Field Sobriety Tests.  The Walk and Turn,  One Legged Stand, or the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) are observed and notes taken on the performance.  Although scientific tests current research and purports to .v .  The tests have to be performed exactly as show in the NHTSA manual and the tests are very detailed.  It reminds me every time of a the freedom to have drugs and c

Lexington, Ky, let alone the Counties of Fayette, Ky., Georgetown, Ky., Versailles, Ky,, Richmond, Ky., Paris,Ky., Winchester, Ky.,  classify the charges as a misdemeanor crime or felony crime or both.  Our criminal attorneys are not concerned because they handle any type of criminal case in the Lexington Area including outlying counties.   

More specifically  it is a misdemeanor crime or felony crime contact our Lexington criminal lawyer and move for bond reduction, move to stay the probation revocation hearing for example and stop the array of emotions and confusion.  Of course, jail is normally a quick pit stop and when out you can visit your criminal defense attorneys and talk about the drug crimes, firearm crimes, domestic assault charges or whatever else is foreseeable.   

Abe and Tucker offer a free consultation and  are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year. If neither Tucker or Abe answer the phone when called please leave a voice message.  Voice messages insure that your DUI, or whatever problem you have we are made aware so that we can remedy the problem.  We will not settle your case if it is not what you want.  Please tell us at any moment your thoughts because we are not getting them.  We are waiting on words to be spoken.   Until the time we achieved the disposition you wanted communication will remain open, clear and professional.  

They have superior control and knowledge of the Kentucky Revised Statutes. This is second only to his expertise regarding knowledge and use of the Criminal Rules of Evidence. Evidence should be a 30 hour class in law school. The best attorneys understand the Rules of Evidence better than anyone, because it is the gatekeeper of evidence in every trial. Not talked about often, not even in law school, the rules of evidence is where everything shows up, like a checkpoint, to get the OK to be introduced or talked about in trial.   

It is surprising how many attorneys, new to the practice and others practicing much longer than me, are confused and get lost in the Rules of Evidence. It is deadly because every substantive motion on one side or the other is trying to control what evidence is admitted, and to what capacity, or not, at trial. Make it easy to understand because evidence controls what the jurors hear. Motions to Suppress, Illegal Searches and other motions are trying to control what evidence is admissible at trial. ALL the motions leading to trial are evidentiary motions. They all hinge upon the Rules of Evidence and their interaction in any particular case. The best attorney is well versed in Evidence and will be more effective than the lawyer who can simply regurgitate caselaw.  

Abe Mashni and Tucker Richardson bring this experience and knowledge to the courtroom to provide you with a comprehensive, articulate and aggressive defense. numerous trials since 1988 have earned him the reputation of being one of the most confrontational criminal defense attorneys in the area. 

 Felony Attorney and Misdemeanor Attorney in Lexington

Lexington Fayette Criminal District Court gains jurisdiction for crimes, both misdemeanor crime and felony charges, initially. The jurisdiction over felonies will transfer to Lexington Fayette Circuit Circuit Court once that set of circumstances is presented to the grand jury. Fayette Circuit Court, in the Judicial Center at 120 North Limestone, Lexington, Kentucky 40507 is a criminal court too, and has jurisdiction over all felony cases in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Fayette District Court is occupied and prosecuted by County Attorneys, hence there name is Fayette County Attorney's Office. The Commonwealth Attorney, who represents,  and the State Prosecutors, hence the name, Commowealth Attorney's Office. The Commonwealth Attorney, who represents the state, is Lou Anna Red Corn. The attorneys that work for her are the "Assistant Commowealth's Attorney's Office."  

When a case is dismissed in Fayette District Court, but submitted to the Grad Jury and indicted, it creates a situation that is run rampant in the courthouse. The slang is, "it got dismissed, but the Commonwealth picked it up." It never was dismissed with any finality. The District Court Judge cannot dismiss cases with prejudice, or for good. They can be dismissed, presented to the Grand Jury and then the case is back. This happens all the time. There is no statute of limitations on on felonies and so they can be presented or, "picked up by the Commonwealth at any time." This is the slang that results. "The case was dismissed but the Commonwealth picked it up." "It is going up." "It went up the elevators." Slang, slang.  

Kentucky Crime Attorney: Zealous Advocate and Trial Attorney

 Abe Mashni and Tucker Richardson have more 35 years of experience together and more than 70 jury trials. As the best criminal defense attorney for the job he will bring a calm to your storm. First and foremost, and it may be too late, but TAKE 5 and SHUT UP.  The Fifth Amendment, or Taking 5, is the first step of isolating the facts and circumstances out of your control.  UNDERSTAND that you will not explain your way out of anything.  This isn't high school and the officers are not hall monitors.  BE QUIET AND GO.  If I am your attorney it won't be long for me to be there.  It won't be long until I whopperjaw the case!   Let the case begin.   

Usually you want an attorney from the jurisdiction where you were arrested.  If cited in Fayette County, Lexington proper, more likely than not you want an attorney in Lexington.  Find an attorney near you or close so that it does not bring up attorneys that are not even close to the jurisdiction such as one or two counties away.  If the case is all whopperjawed and will never settle, my experience shows that the best trial attorney is who you hire.  In other words, It doesn't matter where they come from if licensed to practice law in Kentucky. You want the best trial attorney and certainly an attorney who is not going to curry favor from the police officers or prosecution..  

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